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50 Best Free eBooks for Your Business Education

Looking to go into a degree in business? Perhaps you already work for a business but need a good book to give you an edge. Or you may just need something to tide you over in between romance novels. No matter what your purpose, there is loads to learn about business.

The good news is that there are loads of books to teach you everything about business from selling yourself to marketing a company. Why relegate yourself to the written page and sacrifice precious shelf space when you can take advantage of the ever-growing eBook phenomenon? With a far better sticker price than the books you find at a store, we have collected the 50 best free eBooks for your business education.

Best Free Popular eBooks for Your Business Education

These business books have done something right to climb to the top of the charts.

    1. How to Win Friends & Influence People
    This best-seller is authored by Dale Carnegie. Not just for business people, it can show the reader how to win and hold on to management positions. Four parts include fundamental techniques, six ways to make people like you, how to win people, and being a leader.

    2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
    Over 15 million copies of this book have been sold. Now you can read for free Stephen Covey’s powerful lessons in personal change. The seven habits are divided into four parts and explained in detail.

    3. Getting to Yes
    Because “no” can be one of the most dangerous words in business, check out this book. Three authors show you how to negotiate an agreement without giving in. Sections such as the problem, the method, and “yes, but…” are shared.

    4. The Tipping Point
    The small things really do make a difference. In this book from Malcolm Gladwell, he shows how a spark can ignite a fire. The rules, laws, and factors are all shared.

    5. Rich Dad, Poor Dad
    Business parenting is the theme of this book. Robert Kiyosaki shows what rich parents teach children about money that middle class and poor kids should be learning too. Lessons include not working for money, financial literacy, and minding your own business.

    6. The Undercover Economist
    Tim Harford is the author of this “Business Week” best-seller. Seven chapters cover topics such as paying for coffee, what supermarkets don’t want you to know, and the world of truth.

    7. Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work
    Get inspired in your business with the help of this best-selling series. A group of authors bring you 101 stories of courage, compassion, and creativity in the workplace. Setting new standards, acknowledgement, and even finding love at work are shared.

    8. Awaken the Giant Within
    Anthony Robbins is one of the leading self-help gurus. In this best-selling book, he shows how to take control of your mental, physical, and financial destiny. Click to read how to unleash your power, take control, and more.

Best Free Political eBooks for Your Business Education

Hot topics concerning business are the focus of the below eBooks.

    9. Nickel and Dimed
    Barbara Ehrenreich discusses how minimum wage does not allow people to get by in America. Taking three jobs across the country in Florida, Maine, and Minnesota, she shares the story of her adventures across the country. An evaluation and afterword are also shared.

    10. Scratch Beginnings
    After reading the above, Adam Shepard became disillusioned with America. In his rebuttal, he shares how one kid with the clothes on his back and $25 was able to achieve the American dream. The story begins in a South Carolina shelter and moves to where Adam never thought he could go.

    11. Freakonomics
    Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner turn the world of economics on its ear in this book. These rogue economists explore the hidden side of everything. Random things such as schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers are examined in a new light.

    12. Freedomnomics
    Economist John Lott also weighs in one the hidden side of economics. A rebuttal to “Freakonomics” and other “half-baked” theories are discussed. Chapters include getting ripped off, reputations, government as Nirvana, crime and punishment, and voting.

    13. The Art of War
    Sun Tzu was a ruthless war lord who happened to keep a book of all of his life lessons. Learn what to do and not do in this timeless book. Thirteen chapters include topics such as doing battle, planning a siege, and adaptations.

    14. The Road to Serfdom
    A fancy word for slave, serfs work for their masters for a lifetime and are not permitted to leave or even change positions. Written by a little known economist named Friedrich A. Hayek, this book discussed how a central government leads to serfdom. The book outlines the steps and logic behind the outcome.

    15. Liar’s Poker
    Is honesty the best policy? Apparently not if you are a poker player or a Wall Street wannabe. Selected by “Business Week” as one of the ten best books of the year, it tells the true story of deals gone wrong. Both humor and useful advice is shared.

Best Free Money Making eBooks for Your Business Education

Learn how to grow your wealth with the help of these eBooks.

    16. How to Get Rich
    If you’re going to learn to be worth billions, why not learn it from Donald Trump? The secret to big deals are shared in his best-seller. Chapters include the secrets behind the Trump school of business, a personal apprenticeship, and money.

    17. The Warren Buffett Way
    Wish you could trade bank accounts with Warren Buffett? Then check out this free eBook for the next best thing. Robert Hagstrom discusses the world’s greatest investor and how you can emulate him.

    18. Think and Grow Rich
    Napoleon Hill rose to the top of the best-seller list in 1938 with this book. During the Great Depression, Hill wrote about how things could get better and gave an entire generation hope. Basics such as hard work, a firm handshake, respect, and how they could all lead to getting ahead are written about.

    19. The Science of Getting Rich
    Prosperity consciousness is the focus of this book. Wallace Delois Wattles takes business and economics into esoteric levels. The books is even cited by the author of “The Secret.”

    20. The Intelligent Investor
    Warren Buffett has called this “by far the best book on investing ever written.” Several chapters are on investment vs. speculation, inflation, a general portfolio policy, and more. Billionaire Buffet also returns in the preface.

    21. Fail as Fast as You Can
    Case Stevens shares this and other business secrets in the book. He spent years studying how to make money using the internet and shares lessons. Simply enter your name, experience, and email address to get the eBook.

    22. Economics in One Lesson
    Think economics is too complex a subject? Henry Hazlitt brings you this eBook with the shortest and surest way to understand basic economics. The book contains the just one lesson.

    23. The Budget Kit
    A common sense money management workbook is offered here. Judy Lawrence helps you create a simple budget without any fancy tools or software. You can also learn how to navigate banking, manage income, and achieve your financial goals.

    24. The Complete Cheapskate
    Need to get out of debt? Then you need to click on this free eBook. Mary Hunt shows you how to get out of debt, stay out, and break free from money worries.

Best Free Management eBooks for Your Business Education

Learn how to become a leader with the help of these eBooks.

    25. What Color is Your Parachute?
    Get motivated like never before with this free business eBook. It is a practical manual for job hunters and those looking to change their careers. Over ten million copies have been sold and this is the “hard times” edition.

    26. The One Minute Manager
    Ever wonder how come managers move in and out of assigning tasks so quickly? They have probably read this best-selling book on one of the world’s most popular management methods. More success with less stress is the goal.

    27. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
    John Maxwell shares what all great leaders have in common. As promised in the title, 21 chapters cover each law. Rewritten in its tenth anniversary, new lessons are also discussed.

    28. Fish!
    Get a new way to boost morale and improve results in this free eBook. It shows how work can be fun when it gets done. Four secrets are written about further.

    29. The Effective Executive
    Peter Drucker shows what successful executives have in common. A quick hint: decisions, time, and contributions are all part of the answer.

    30. Budgeting for Managers
    Creating a budget in eight easy steps is just one of the reasons to read this free eBook. It also shows how to empower a team with money management and present a professional budget. It even has tools for small business managers.

    31. The Fifth Discipline
    The art and practice of the learning organization are shared here. Peter Senge returns in this revised edition with 100 new pages. He examines the new role of the manager in the eBook.

    32. The Black Swan
    Nassim Nicholas Taleb shares the impact of the highly improbable. The black swan is discussed in new and interesting terms as leaders learn lessons. Chapters include validation, parables, and others sure to last a long time.

    33. Now, Discover Your Strengths
    This best-seller was preceded by “First, Break all the Rules.” This eBook shows how to develop unique talents and strengths in yourself. A plus is that it also shows you how to do the same for those you manage.

    34. Primal Leadership
    Click here to get an eBook from the Harvard Business School Press. It helps the reader discover the power of emotional intelligence in leadership. Different types of leadership are analyzed.

Best Free Marketing eBooks for Your Business Education

Learn how to market a business or yourself with the help of these eBooks.

    35. Built to Last
    Over one million copies of Jim Collins best-seller have made it into the hands of business hopefuls. It shows the successful habits of visionary companies and how you can apply them to your own business life. Eleven chapters are on everything from the best of the best to building the vision.

    36. 30 Ways to Promote Your Website on a Shoestring Budget
    There are hundreds of ways to promote your business. This eBook shows you how to use both online and traditional ways to market it. Contents include email marketing, search engines, advertising, and more.

    37. The ABC’s of SEO
    Getting Google to return your business’s name can be difficult. However, it can be far easier with the help of this eBook. It is a virtual Web Promotion 101 guide to those who need it.

    38. The One Minute Sales Person
    If you enjoyed “The One Minute Manager,” click here. The co-author returns to show how sales can be achieved or avoided in just one minute. It also has tips for the quickest ways to sell your products and yourself.

    39. Positioning
    Learn how to be seen and heard in the overcrowded marketplace here. Al Ries and Jack Trout author this marketing classic in the battle for minds. Contents include what positioning is and getting into the mind.

    40. Dry
    Augusten Burroughs shares the memoirs of an advertising professional. He tells the true story of advertising as well as teaches valuable marketing lessons.

    41. Crossing the Chasm
    The blueprint for success for astute companies is featured here. Harper Business Essentials provides this guide to marketing and selling disruptive products to mainstream customers. A clear definition of the chasm is also outlined.

    42. Guerilla Marketing
    Jay Conrad Levinson authors this best-seller targeted to small business owners. It contains easy and inexpensive strategies for making profits with small business. The term guerilla marketing is discussed in further detail.

    43. Stop Telling, Start Selling
    Use customer focused dialogue to close sales with the help of this eBook. Linda Richardson sets aside the traditional methods of product selling. Instead, she outlines the six elements of dialogue framework and more.

    44. Emotional Branding
    Marc Gobe outlines the new paradigm for connecting brands to people. Even if you’ve never heard of branding, this marketing eBook can tell you more. Four sections cover relationship, sensorial experiences, imagination, and vision.

Best Free Specialty eBooks for Your Business Education

These eBooks take on a particular topic in business.

    45. Robert’s Rules of Order
    Roll call, previous minutes, and more are all things business people will encounter at some point. See how they came about and how they are utilized in this staple book of running meetings. Tips such as obtaining the floor, motions, and more are all shared.

    46. The Worst Hard Time
    Think people have it bad now? See how people survived in true hard times in the untold story of the American who survived the Great Dust Bowl.

    47. How to Analyze People on Sight
    There is a reason this book has been so popular for over four hundred years now. Elsie and Ralph Benedict describe the five human types and how to spot them. Download it as an HTML, plain text, and more.

    48. How to Speak and Write Correctly
    Learn how to communicate both verbally and in written form with the help of this eBook. Useful for business people, students, and many others. The “correct” form of English is taught.

    49. Work From Home Riches
    If all you have is a home office in your business education, try this free eBook. Shelley Lowery shows you how to generate thousands of dollars with a home business. Everything from soul searching to building a base is discussed.

    50. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
    Read about one of the greatest business men in this free eBook. Best of all, Franklin describes his life in his own words. The book begins with a letter to his son.

Whether looking to advance your career or just grow your wealth, there are plenty of great resources in the above 50 best free eBooks for your business education. From classics to modern masterpieces, they are sure to fill your computer or mobile device with loads to read and learn.